Numinous Moxie – the yoga of leadership

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When: February 19, 2016-February 21, 2016 – all day

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Join Stephanie Kohler for a 3-day retreat focusing on leadership in the context of spiritual practice.

Leadership in a broader sense than being some sort of boss. Leadership is relevant whether you’re in management or self-employment, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or an entrepreneur. Assertion is essential in holding your boundaries, manifesting your dreams, and collaborating with others. Leadership qualities are necessary for living your authentic path.

And spiritual practice in a broader sense than asana (yoga postures). All contemplative practices are welcome: asana, seated meditation, anything that you can do silently and individually. This is an all ages, all abilities, all shapes and sizes gathering. (No handstand quota.)

We’ll have time off the mat/meditation cushion/etc to discuss how practice offers a springboard for developing leadership skills and growth. If you’re ready to weave your spiritual lessons more deeply into all the other parts of your life, this retreat will offer new perspectives, including a few outside your comfort zone. We’ll co-create sacred space and weave boldly with spirit.

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