Breath, Body and Sound Retreat with Tracey Moon, LMBT and Sharon Nash, MA

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When: October 9, 2015-October 11, 2015 – all day

Contact: Tracey Moon

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Observing the movement of the breath can help remind us of all we are taking in and provides us the opportunity to consider whether it is nourishing and life-giving or toxic and depleting. The breath awakens us to our habitual life patterns and how we hold on or fully release that which no longer serves us.

The average adult takes approximately 20,000 breaths a day but most of them come and go without any notice.  In the course of our busy lives our attention is constantly focused on the outside demands of the “real” world – job, family, shopping, household chores – leaving little time to observe the vital force that animates us and is constantly moving within us.

In this training we bring our attention to the breath and put mindful awareness on the body as we learn to access the intelligence of the body-mind. Breathwork is a revolutionary approach to body-centered healing which can be used to work with long-held trauma and chronic tension. You will learn skills to unwind from stressful, life-negating habitual patterns and establish healthy ways of being. The healing benefits of breathwork can include:

•  Reduced anxiety and depression
•  Increased stress-resilience
•  Feelings of more ease and flow in life
•  Decreased physical pain
•  Heightened intuitive insight
•  Awakened presence
•  Expanded sense of connection with others

During this course you will be introduced to a process that begins with a gentle, circular deep-breathing technique to open up energy flow followed by sound healing to clear and balance the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Opening your breath with the support of therapeutic sound integrates that which is unresolved, stuck or stagnant and allows you to move forward with more freedom, sustained vitality and resilience.

Shared occupancy rate: $549 all-inclusive
Massage therapists are eligible for NCBTMB CE credit
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